Author: Joseph Sandoval

I was at work today and it was one of those days that was absolutely terrible. It was one of the days where I was assigned an organizational task. My boss gets the organizational bug about once every season. It is usually me who get stuck with doing all of the jobs. Today it was to add color coded dividers into all of the patient binders. We have over three hundred patients!! The task was really cognitively draining. I have bad problems with paying attention and hate when things get so repetitive. I thought that I was never going to be finished. During the day, I had to take several breaks. I found myself doing everything that I could to avoid getting my work done. I did some internet shopping and searched local security deals on-line. By the time that I left today, I had gotten two hundred done. That means that I have another hundred for tomorrow. I really deserve my pay this week! I don’t think that professional organizer was in my job description, it drives me absolutely crazy!

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