A favorite find while thrifting…

One of my spring to-do’s is to make a list of times we need around the house…like big items. I stole this idea from my good friend, Auntie Em, and have found it to be beneficial. She’s a super-duper smarty pants!

So when I read today’s Blog Dare from Bloggymoms.com, “A favorite find while thrifting,”  it reminded me of my list. Although I’ve sent a text to other thrifty friends and family, asking them to watch out for these items, I haven’t written the list down. At this point it’s not real long. In fact we are trying to downsize at the moment but there are a couple of times I’d really like to find:

1.) Patio Set

2.) Chairs for our dining room table

3.) Treadmill

4.) Tiki torches

I did have a jogging stroller on the original list until Sunday. I found one on eBay which was a great price! I

Hmmm, wonder if I'm smart enough to put it together...don't answer that!

believe will be delivered today! Woohoo!

Along with my list of items, my goal is to walk 100 miles from now until July 1st. Another idea I’ve swiped from my SITSA  Christa who blogs at BrownSugarToast.com or aka @BrwnSugarToast on Twitter. We also share a love of photography and while I’m not participating yet, she is actively following my photohero, Darcy Milder’s, Project 52.  Check out some of her shots while you’re visiting Christa’s blog. Be sure to stop by Darcy’s blog My3Boybarians.com too…LOTS of great info, tips and creativity!! AND, if you ever have an opportunity to take a real-life workshop with Darcy it will be so worth it!

AND, if you happen to be out garage sale shopping or at central Illinois thrift shop, send me a Tweet if you find any of the items on the list! Thanks!


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