April Fool’s Month on Mom

You may have read earlier today that our injured, Buff Orpington hen laid a blue/green egg. Buff’s generally lay light brown/peach colored eggs. Not blue/green. So you can imagine my surprise when I found this blue thing in her pen.  Immediately I felt betrayed by one of our home and farm stores. We were sold a fake Buff Orpington.


backyard chicken eggs square

I scoured the web looking for some kind of explanation but there was nothing. I even wrote a post asking for suggestions.

Still awe struck with this unusual event, I went to collect today’s egg only to find it was a light brown/peach colored egg!! Now, you wanna talk about a confused woman?! Finally, Willis, the six year-old, started cracking up and says “I tricked you!!!”

The yokes on me. Bada-bang.

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