Bloggy Dare – 10 Things I Secretly (or not-so-secretly) Covet

Today’s Bloggy Dare over at is to create a Wish List of the things you secretly coveted. Some of my items are anything but a secret to my fam…here it goes…

My Wish List…Things I secretly & not-so-secretly covet!

1.) My laptop

Me needed a little napsy ~ State Fair is hard work!!

2.) Taking a nap

3.) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – hard when you have a child with nut allergies.

4.) Ritz crackers

5.) Daisy Disposable Razors

6.) Our bench/canopy swing that converts to a bed swing

7.) The sound of our rooster in the early morning

8.) The smell of freshly cut hay

9.) Having the sheets on my bed straightened and in place.

10.) Watching my boys play together – nicely without causing physically harm to one another (or pretending to do so).

What are your coveted items??

Oh, I also better add those UnStoppables things you add to your laundry. Love the lavender!! (not a paid endorsement, either)

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