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A new playground for the kids, braces for Pickle, a mini-van or college expenses…our list of savings seems to grow on a daily basis. From a

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young age, Willis has always been a creative and innovative child. In fact, during Pickle’s pre-school Christmas program, Willis began drawing circles. At barely two years-old, we knew then he would have that artistic spark. True to suspect he has not disappointed and is creating daily.

Not to be out done by his younger brother, Pickle, our resident sports gu-ru, recently entered into a 4-H Fairbook Art Design contest. We were amazed by this nine-year-old’s ability to pick-up on the functions of Adobe’s Illustrator program. He even taught me a new trick! What we did not expect was that he won the contest!

With at least two budding artist in our immediate family the reminder of college has surfaced. I hold a BS in Agribusiness and returned to school to study web and graphic design. Its true that I may have made it to where I am today without a degree but the economy was much different when I graduated from high school and then college. At that time, a college degree was almost a prerequisite in obtaining a professional position. My hubby did not attend college but a Union apprenticeship. Even so, he attended school for five years before receiving his Journeyman’s certification.

Its almost unbelievable that in seven short years, we will be looking at colleges for Pickle. The age-old discussion about the importance of college education is back on the table. Regardless of the economy, I feel that we need to be prepared for our boys to attend graphic design classes. According to, saving for college is more important than ever so if you have not yet began saving, I encourage you to do so so your budding artists, construction managers, electricians, accountants or teachers will have that extra push towards success.


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