Unseasonably Summer

For central Illinois, the weather we’ve experienced this past spring, I mean winter and summer, uh, wait, that should be spring has been


incredible!! The forecast for yesterday, April 1st, had been a high of 90…no fooling. We only reached 86 but still…eighty-six degrees on April the 1st??!! That is just nuts! But I wouldn’t trade it for our traditional April showers. 🙂

Naturally, the kids are ready for swimming. They are constantly asking when the pools will all open. At this point we are about one and a

backyard swimming pool

Very nice set-up!

half months away from opening day. The boys have already conquered the turtle sandbox which is no longer fun for a pool. Next, they used a large storage tub. While it succeeded in reaching a more desirable depth it lacked enough room for more than one kid. With that, our two-year debate about purchasing a REAL doheny pool has been ignited with the kids lobbying hard for an in-ground pool (probably not gonna happen). In reality, there are several above ground pools which would do a much better job fitting our budget. And, there are some super cute decks and accessories to boot.

What happen to the days of our Redneck Waterslide?!?



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