P-Par-tays Away

One of our long-term, and I mean long-term, goals has been adding a patio to the back of The Magic FarmHouse. Several years ago we removed a couple of windows from the dining room, added a sliding glass door and then eventually built a small porch. Now, I’m ready for the patio so we can have some Patio Par-tays!

I’ve had friends on alert for a garage sale Patio Set for the last month but so far no one has come across a suitable set. In the meantime, I’ve been looking at patio concrete, cushions, tiki torches, flower pots, etc… While on my search, I came across an idea I’ve not seen used before…well, at least not anywhere but here. People have begun using outdoor patio heaters! While not quite as classy, we are guilty of using a regular, run-of-the-mill, propane heater at gatherings. Call it anything than classy but you can call it practical. Most people think about little fire pits on their patios. I love that idea, too. However, the area near the patio is surrounded by the house and a fire would be too risky. One of these heaters however, would do the trick!

I have fallen in love with this antique bronze radiant heater which would go nicely with the exterior and interior of The Magic FarmHouse. Very classy, yet still farm housey. It should complement my ‘dream’ patio floor made from stamped concrete. I’m thinking a stained concrete in dark browns then stamped with animal prints, similar to what our Bass ProShops has done outside their building. We could actually probably let the wildlife stamp it themselves if we weren’t worried about accidental poisoning. I’d like for the prints to be representative of what we see out our back door – deer, ducks, bird prints and a coyote print. Speaking of coyotes, you’ll have to watch for an upcoming post about our recent coyote losses. A real lesson in keeping your fences clear of debris and constantly monitored. Coyotes can be sly little creators who take advantage of any opportunity…whether than be livestock or even our compost pile!

Alas, it seems that the need for a new tractor has trumped my ‘dream’ patio…at least for now. But a girl can dream can she? And, she can save!


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