The Taming of the Shrews

With just over 30 different species in the U.S., shrews can really be found anywhere but are not as common in the good ‘ol midwest where we are located. At least that’s what Woogle told me.

I have a bone to pick with Woogle and his friends. Shrews are common, very common, in central Illinois. Before moving to The Magic FarmHouse the only thing I knew about shrews was that there is a book or story called ‘The Taming of the Shrew.’

In the last 12 years, I’ve learned a whole lot more. And, most of it is from experience not a reference. I want to help others who have become as confused by these little creatures as myself so here’s a quick reference guide for you:

1. They are smart little boogers

2. Shrews appear to be a mouse however, their tails can be short or long and mouths resemble that of a mole.

Shrew. Musaraña

3. A picture of a shrew should accompany the word “scavenger.”

4. They like to hide nuts, corn, dog food in shoes, toilet paper tubes, apple corer thingys, silverware drawers, towel drawers and just about any small crevice where they can hoard their belongings.

5. Shrews are related to the mole family. My dog doesn’t like the taste of moles and therefore she will not eat a shrew. 🙂

6. As the fields are harvested and temperatures drop, these little creatures arrive in droves. That’s when the games begin.

7. I want my silverware drawer back.

8. I want my towel drawer back.

9. This year, the best method of catching them has been by using marshmallow. Otherwise they are so sneaky and fast they will grab the cheese & run. This sets the trap off but not soon enough. Grrrr!

10. And the last thing you should know about shrews….They are driving me CRAZY!!!!!

Somebody please come tame these darn shrews!!!


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