21 Days of Bloggy Love

21 Days of Bloggy LoveTo say I’ve been on a break would be an understatement. More accurate would be to say I’m in a rut. A deep, dark blogging rut. I could any number of excuses as to why but I’d rather just nit it at the bud. I recently read that it takes on average, 21 Days to form a habit. So I’ve challenged myself to a 21 day blogging gallop. My goal is to blog every day for the next 21 days to give my blog some, well, much needed bloggy love. What better day to begin but Saint Valentine’s Day!

While not one of my favorite holidays, I’ve quite enjoyed today. As a mom of a child with nut allergies it can be an event that I dread. Our school is a nut-free zone. Even so, at Valentine’s Day 2012 students were passing out Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. I understand your child wanting products which contain nuts, like other parents, I have two children who love peanuts, peanut butter, Reese’s, etc… I also understand and respect the school policy.

Thankfully, this year was much different. I was able to host Willis’ class party. I truly appreciate the fact that moms probably spent some quality time with Pinterest. We now have some homemade crayons, crazy straws, playdoh, cute photos of Willis’ classmates ‘holding’ suckers, just to name a few. It was such a relief to find others are also respecting the school policy & it made for a fun day.

So, what did you do today?!

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