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Flying above the clouds, with my earbuds smashed into my ears, I had some quiet time to reflect. Like many of you, reflections of my husband, boys, farm, work and more crossed my mind. And, somewhere over those big fluffy marshmallows I began thinking about my blog. As you might have read, in recent months, the blogging gig has In the cloudsbeen at somewhat of a standstill. While life can be carefree, it is full of activities and rushing to and from. In the mix of it all, the blog became a low priority. What’s important to consider is that I was successfully writing prior to my break and I have all of the potential I need to once again blog continuously. Finding inspiration will be key to my success. But where do you begin?

A habit I’ve developed throughout my blogging career is snatching up eBooks on a variety of social media topics. One book which has caught my eye is “A Year of Blogging and Journaling Ideas” by Cynthia Louden. She provides phrases or words which encourage us to write something related to the words or phrases. A few of my favorite ideas include:

  1. The missing ingredient – Discuss mixing feed
  2. A simple solution – Any situation involving duck take would fit here.
  3. Just listen – Discussion about becoming a better agvocate
  4. A meal worth remembering – Meals during planting or harvest
  5. An “aha” moment – You’ve discovered a new ag related app for your phone
  6. Layers – Dressing for winter chores
  7. Gaining confidence – Driving a new tractor
  8. Explore – Post some farm photography
  9. Instinct – Knowing when its time to pull a calf, lamb or kid during delivery
  10. If no one was looking – I’ll leave this one up to you!

As you can see, each of the phrases spawned new concepts which could easily relate to agvocacy. Once you begin listing topics and ideas you are well on your way to a fantastic brainstorming session. In fact, as I read through Cynthia’s list my brain began turning about other types of lists. Such as a list which includes area Ag related events, functions which are preformed on your farm or a slew of questions you’ve been asked in regards to farming or ranching. In addition to creating more of these list related posts, I hope to soon complete a glossary of terms related to agriculture. I believe this will be an easy and convenient way for your readers to educate themselves about farming.

What ways do you find agvocacy inspiration?

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