Boer Goats

In recent years, we’ve been asked if we would consider raising boer goats and lamb. One of our most recent endeavors has been developing a small boer Raising Boer Goats goat herd. We hope to also add sheep in the next few months. For now we have three bred (pregnant) does or female goats. The offspring will be raised to market weight, possibly showed at the county fair and then sold for meat.

If you are like me you might be asking yourself who would ever eat goat? In many parts of the world its considered a delicacy. In fact, according to Alabama’s Farmer Co-op goat is the most commonly consumed red meat worldwide. Many ethnic groups utilize goat as much as we do beef. In a city about an hour away, we have seen an increase in community members who hail from southwest Asia – where goat is as common as eating beef or pork. These community members will be our target market. And, while its 3-4 hours away, there is a huge market in the Chicagoland area.

Our goats are provided a large pasture where they can graze. During the winter, while the grasses have stopped growing, we must supplement with hay. Once they have gone through kidding (giving birth), they will be provided with grain and with any luck, some good quality alfalfa hay. The problem is due to the drought causing people to be short on good hay.

So far, we have found the goats to be easy to care for when compared to raising steers. As we enter the kidding season, I will updated the blog with more information from our experiences.



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