Fell Off the Wagon

One of my 2013 New Year’s goals was set long before the end of 2012. Back around Thanksgiving time I decided to give up drinking coffee. If Coffee Addict In Recoveryyou’ve ever followed me on Twitter you know that I used to have an IV of coffee hooked up 24/7. I’m not sure if I just got tired of it but shortly after making the decision I just stopped. Completely stopped craving it. Needing it.

Until two days ago. I fell and I fell hard. For no particular reason at all I purchased a StarBucks Iced Coffee at our local Casey’s convenient store. Now there’s another habit I need to change…sometimes I feel like I live at Casey’s…milk, bread, water…you get the picture. In a 24 hour time period I drank three, 290 calorie Iced Coffees. THREE!

At $3.49 a bottle, I simply cannot afford to support our hard working coffee farmers. But oh, how I crave the sweet taste of a Vanilla flavored Iced Coffee. Will I survive this little hook up?? Is recovery still in the cards?

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