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Checking in for day two of my 21 Days of Bloggy Love campaign. Today we’ll be getting caught up on the latest renovation at TMFH. For years we’ve dreamed of installing an outdoor wood boiler. In fact, my hubby even attempted to build his own. When our furnace decided to go out of business we weren’t yet in a financial position to where we could purchase the boiler. We turned to using EdenPure electric heaters and continued to save our pennies.

In December, we discovered a relatively new type of wood burning heat source for homes. An outdoor furnace concept which heats air similar to how a boiler heats water.

Shelter Outdoor FurnaceShelter Outdoor Furnace


The largest benefit was the cost was nearly $2,000 less than the outdoor wood boilers we originally found. There is a main firebox which is surrounded by the air ducts. Within the air ducts there are intake and outtake fans which circulate the air around the firebox, returning the warm air to the home.

At this point we have the ducts fed through the crawl space and will be hooking up the main duct work this weekend. There are a few quarks such as the smoke smell. The chimney needs to be extended because the smoke is being blown back towards the house and through the walls. We hope that this will take care of the smell, which isn’t any different than if we had a fireplace. One of the largest draw backs was the lack of reviews and information. So, the goal is to continue blogging about the experience to help those seeking more info about these new furnaces.

Have any of you had experience with the Shelter Outdoor Furnace or something similar?


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  1. Loren DeBold says:

    Jenny. I’m currently looking at the exact same wood burner. I would love an update on how yours is doing including how long it burns as well as how many sq.ft. your home is and what temperature you hold it at indoors. Please add the blower fan run times and how well it maintains temperature on a load of wood. thank you much

    • I’m actually finishing up my Two-Year update…I haven’t included the number of blower runs. I’ll check with my husband to see if he might have an estimate. Watch for the post later this evening. Thanks!

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