Testing, testing, one, two, pee

Have I ever mentioned I have a small bladder? Well, I do. Keep that in mind as you Toiletread today’s post.

Today was the AgChatFoundation’s Upper Midwest Regional conference and I was a presenter on Blog Writing. The conference went well and I loved meeting so many other agvocates; and drinking lots of coffee (#newyearsresolutionfail).

My presentation was based around writing a blog post and thus, I had a series of exercises for the attendees to complete. The end result would be a complete blog post. While the ‘class’ was working on the main body of the blog post I choose to take a quick potty break.

I ran out real quick and let my cohort Emily Zweber know what I was doing. What I didn’t realize is that I also told the class. Through the live microphone clipped to my jacket. I also didn’t realize I was sharing the sounds of the bathroom. Such as someone else’s toilet flushing. All live, loud and clear. Talk about embarrassing moments.

Fortunately, someone ran out to let Emily know that I still had my microphone on and she alerted me to the broadcast before I tinkled.

My natural response would be massive embarrassment. While there is some serious embarrassment, its a more of a moment that I’ll be laughing at for many days to come. *giggle, giggle*

So, how was your day?

(PS…thank you to my good friend Carrie Mess (@DairyCarrie) for the encouragement it took to pass this along to y’all.)


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