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I’m lying here trying to fall asleep but because of a text I received this morning I just


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can’t. Can’t get the darn thing off my mind. The text said, “So what are you going to blog about today?”  I just know that until I write this post, I’m not going to be able to sleep.

So, what should I blog about? I could write about how on Saturday, our main septic tank pipe got clogged by a toy that the four-year-old flushed down the toilet (yes, that’s two toilet stories in a week). Or, about how Pickle came home from 4H Clover Clinic to make scones for his mom. Which was a great experience for him but somehow a flour bomb went off in my  kitchen. Another great topic would be how three of the five of us have had the flu in the last week and should buy stock in Kleenx, Mentholatum and Tylenol (never a dull moment).

What really sits with me is that text. See, it came from one of my social media ninjas, a term coined by Katie Pinke. This ninja of mine, is one who has hardly a moment to breathe because her life is so busy but she took the time out between her full-time job, milking cows, helping a cow have her calf and volunteer activities, (not to mention her own successful blog and social media presence) to push me to excel in my blogging. Something that is really challenging me at the moment but is oh so important. To me, this text means the world. The world.

So, today, I’m challenging you all to be better bloggers and social media neighbors by becoming someone’s ‘social media ninja.’  Be there to encourage them, give support, lend an ear or, provide them with a keyboard to cry upon. Just be there.

Special thanks to Carrie Mess, Sara Broers and Sherry Martz for being my social media ninjas in this wonderful journey!

Good night sweethearts, it’s time to go, bah, bah, dah, dah, sleep tight. 🙂

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