Christmas In the Country Was AWESOME

Have I ever shared with you that I was born late? Almost late to my own wedding? Late to my husband’s grandpa’s funeral. In my defense, none of those situations were due to my own actions. Sadly, delinquency of my 2014 Christmas In the Country blog post is very much my responsibility.

So, what is Christmas In the Country?

Christmas In the Country

A great group of women organized this exchange which involved approximately 75 of us from across the U.S. We were each given another gal to shop for and our name was provided to a third lovely lady. Not a small task and they did such a great job!

So, why is my post so late?

All I can say is that fellow boy mom Katy Williams sent me girly stuff like nail polish and lip gloss which resulted in a fashionably late blog post. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

Nailed it!

This girl did her research and totally nailed my Christmas in the Country gift. When I first opened the box, I was presented with an envelop which stated to open it last. One by one I began to open the lovely wrapped gifts. The first item I opened was something I looked at numerous times during my Christmas shopping. It was an item I wanted to purchase for myself but continued to bypass in hopes that I could use some of my Christmas money to Children's books by Katy Wallace - TheMagicFarmHouse.comacquire in the new year. What was it?? My very own 2015 Farmer’s Almanac!! The history behind this publication is very fascinating…I may even do a separate post just on its humble beginnings.

Next? Children’s books written by this lovely country gal with accurate farming and ranching stories that connect with kids. She must have read my recent blog post over on the Ask The Farmers website where I discussed the lack of agricultural related books which truly depicted life on a farm or ranch. My middle son is such a fan he has been petitioning to add “Where’s My Cowboy Hat?,” and “Barn Cat In the Christmas Tree,” to the Accelerated Reader program. Obviously, Katy was stalking me and saw the pictures of our new kittens (soon to be barn cats) sleeping in our Christmas tree and knew we needed the book to go with the adventure.

Katy also included a sparkly, zebra striped journal which I’ve been using to keep track of work tasks. The sparkle Christmas In the Country - kept on coming with some new glitter nail polish and lip gloss. I can’t remember the last time I had a new lip gloss so that was pretty exciting!

She cracked me up when I saw the packet of parsley seeds. After reading my Purple Thumb post from a few years ago, she knew that I’ve struggled with growing green. I hope to start the seeds soon!

I love so many things about this year’s gift. My favorites have got to be the green Igloo cooler which held all of the goodies and Katy’s homemade peanut brittle, a recipe that was passed down from her great-gramma. The best part is that the entire package was called a ‘ma’ box – named after her great-gramma.

Thank you so much, Katy!! You made my Christmas bright!


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