Meet the Magic Mama

Howdy and welcome to The Magic Farmhouse!!  Our blog name is inspired by our favorite books series “The Magic Life is always easier from our front porch - TheMagicFarmHouse.comTree House.” Combine for admiration for Jack and Annie’s suspenseful adventures with the trinkets and treasures we find during our many renovations and TheMagicFarmHouse was born. We are a family of five living on what might be considered a hobby farm of 4-5 acres, in a very, old farmhouse. So old in fact, the tresses holding up the roof above the kitchen, are actually logs. Granny and PawPaw operate a working dairy farm nearby.  While reading our blog you’ll hear adventures from both farms as well as baseball, hunting, fishing and camping stories.

I would love to talk about dance classes, princesses, Barbies and such but you probably won’t see that here.  My husband and I have three boys ages 12, 9 and 6.  And, boy, are they ever boys!

Living in a magical farmhouse, you’d think I would be treated to neat perks such as laundry being folded on its own, toys mysteriously walking around and putting themselves away, coats that hang themselves up or even having animals who feed each other.  NO, such luck!  We do have excess experience in renovating turn of the century homes which has presented us with some very interesting discoveries along the way.

There are plenty of magical things to write about such as my kids and husband.  My little darlings aren’t perfect by any means but their ‘magic,’ lights my days and nights and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And, my ‘magical’ husband, truly is magical…he can fix ANYTHING!  This is nice but poses challenges at times because everyone wants his help.  He is extremely creative, a fabulous cook, wine maker, hard worker, outstanding daddy and wonderful husband…of course, no one is perfect but he comes pretty darn close!

Me, magical?  Nope, although some days that would be nice.  To help make ends meet, work for an organization called the AgChat Foundation. We are grassroots, not-for-profit with a mission of equipping farmers and ranchers with the This is Miss Tequila, one of our favorite cows. TheMagicFarmHouse.comnecessary tools to connect with consumers both online and off. I’m a passionate advocate for #ProFoodChoice and #ProFarmChoice, supporting all walks of agriculture. I have an interest in small scale farming and Jersey dairy cattle. I enjoy inspiring my children to expand their imaginations through reading books. My stress relievers include spending time outside working on our hobby farm and I’m striving to begin walking 2-3 times per week. I also love to camp, fish and hunt.

Jump aboard the Magic Farmhouse and listen to all of our crazy adventures!  Trust me, it can be crazy and I promise you’ll get a chuckle along the way.

Thanks for visiting!