The Moo Crew


My Babe - Such a hard working, sweet and goofy guy! A kid at heart who reminds me daily to live life to the fullest. Oh, and darn good lookin'!


This is me with our middle son!


Pickle - Our hard working second grader and Mathmagician. He loves baseball, running and climbing in trees just as much as BenTen and Bakugans. Now that's some magic! If we could only wean him of the Wii and plasma TV.


Willis - Our middle and probably craziest boy who suffers from a bad case of 'middle child syndrome.' (Suggestions welcome) You'll also hear stories about how he faces the world nose first with various allergies including nuts. He is always making us laugh as the family live-in comedian but is sure to be a politician. The kids could sell and empty bag of feed.


Pudder - The baby of the cute and he knows it. A dangerous combo. With no fear written all over his face, he really should have been casted in Taylor Swift's Fearless video. The only thing left for him to climb in our home is the refrigerator.

Then there’s Laci:  Yes, she’s our Rat Terrier dog but very much our first child.  She loves to boss other big dogs around and is a ridiculous flirt!  She’s been so busy flaunting herself we haven’t had time to schedule a photo shoot.  Her recent hobby is trying to remain Alpha dog since her half-sister moved in…its quite a soap opera.

Sparticus - Spark is one of Laci's pups from two litters ago. He has a will to live like nothing I've ever seen. I still need to write his inspiring story.



Nicki - She is our adopted Rat Terrier, Laci's wicked half-sister. She previously belonged to my hubby's grandma who was moved into an assisted living facility. Nicki is such a sweet girl but has quite a jealous streak to her and has made it clear she's not giving up on obtaining the coveted Alpha Dog title. Still a strong farm girl, she comes in handy as a shrew and mouse hunter and is always up for chore time.


In the BarnYard…

Sampson the "fainting" Goat - King of The Magic FarmHouse pasture! Commonly mistaken for a dog, he is loyal and protective. It cracks me up to see him boss the steers around.


Dahlila - Our pretty but skittish, two year old. She's always looking for mischief and loves to sit in the lawn mower seat...just don't tell my hubby, that's our little secret.


  • We now have two Jersey/Angus cross steers.  This is our first time  working with a dairy/beef cross and will be anxious to see the end result.  The steers are part of our self-sufficient farming program.  We were unable to make it through the winter without purchasing feed.  Therefore, we are expanding our corn and bean plots.  You can read more about our operation on the Frugal Farming page.
  • Chickens:  There is nothing like frying up a fresh egg…and I don’t mean grocery store fresh.  Those eggs can be up to 3 weeks old.  I’m talking an egg that’s less than a few days old.  We currently are up to 19 chickens which yields about a dozen or so eggs a day.  It is such a rewarding feeling knowing you are able to feed such high-quality food to your family.  The chickens also serve two other purposes.  Teaching the boys strong work ethic and 4-H projects.
  • Ducks:   This was my crazy idea.  Growing up with a duck carving grandfather has led to a fascination with ducks.  In the warm months I can sit for hours watching them play in their pool.  The original plan was to purchase three ducks, one for each boy. We didn’t plan on Mack, our female, hatching eggs in the middle of winter.  So we now have 6 ducks. The original three ducks are named Camo, Mack and Black beauty (BB for short).  Very unfriendly.  One of my summer goals was to get them tamed.  I sure didn’t accomplish much on taming them but they did give me some great workouts!  And, entertainment for the neighbors…hey, if any of you all have video tapes let me know so we can send them into AFV.

Camo, Mac and BB going for a swim.

And…a partridge in a pear tree!  Not really but watch close because things can change in a second around here.  No matter what, I’m grateful for every second I have here on Earth with my Moo Crew and wouldn’t change it for anything.