April Fool’s Month on Mom

You may have read earlier today that our injured, Buff Orpington hen laid a blue/green egg. Buff's generally lay light brown/peach colored eggs. Not ... Read More »

Saving the farm

It sounds a bit more dramatic than what it truly means however, to prevent the past re-run we are in an all out effort to save the farm. Last spring ... Read More »

College majors that have been mistakenly deemed useless

While reading an article on Yahoo!, my Agvocay (support of agriculture) enthusiasm was recharged. One of the largest tasks Agvocates work to conquer ... Read More »

The Difference between Feed and Salt

This is a new post I wrote a couple of weeks ago...hard to imagine it was only 65 degrees.  Hope you enjoy! I am tired.  My blood counts are down ... Read More »