A Girl Has to Be Prepared…

A story caught my eye the other day. You may have also seen it in the news. A young mom, who's husband passed away from cancer on Christmas Day, was ... Read More »

Renovation Plans Continue for The Magic Farmhouse’s Master bedroom

Assignment: Plan for Master bedroom renovation Progress: I've picked the wall colors...I think. LOL! I'm leaning towards a dark brown and khaki. ... Read More »

4-H Project Demonstration…Camping Adventures

The other night Pickle attended his December 4-H meeting and his presented his second demonstration. Compared to last year's demonstration where he ... Read More »

Another great Christmas gift for my outdoorsy moms!!

Sippy cups leaking, cow poop, hay, dirt, cracker crumbs, oh, an even a glass of milk. What do these all have in common? These are a brief list of ... Read More »