21 Days of Bloggy Love

To say I've been on a break would be an understatement. More accurate would be to say I'm in a rut. A deep, dark blogging rut. I could any number of ... Read More »

A favorite find while thrifting…

One of my spring to-do's is to make a list of times we need around the house...like big items. I stole this idea from my good friend, Auntie Em, and ... Read More »

Bloggy Dare – 10 Things I Secretly (or not-so-secretly) Covet

Today's Bloggy Dare over at BloggyMoms.com is to create a Wish List of the things you secretly coveted. Some of my items are anything but a secret to ... Read More »

I have something to tell you…

BUST OPEN THE BOTTLE OF #MILK AND START THROWING THE CONFETTI BECAUSE I'M BACK!!!! Due to my workload, the month of March had to be dedicated to ... Read More »