If you let a mom rent a rug doctor she’ll want a moms night out…

I have a confession to make. Tonight, I had a big first. My husband did something we've joked about for almost 13 years. He took all three of our ... Read More »

Testing, testing, one, two, pee

Have I ever mentioned I have a small bladder? Well, I do. Keep that in mind as you read today's post. Today was the AgChatFoundation's Upper ... Read More »

Fell Off the Wagon

One of my 2013 New Year's goals was set long before the end of 2012. Back around Thanksgiving time I decided to give up drinking coffee. If you've ... Read More »

Bloggers for Joplin Success!

Last month, I announced that I would be accepting June advertisers with the proceeds going to help the town of Joplin, Missouri. I was blown away ... Read More »