Spreading cheer

I just wanted to write a quick post wishing you all a Merry Christmas (belated-but shouldn't we celebrate the real reason for the season ALL the ... Read More »

Christmas Gift Idea – Give the Grind!!

While Jack, our Elf on the Shelf, continues to be up to something, I continue with my Christmas gift idea search... If you follow me on Twitter ... Read More »

Caught our #Elf Jack partying it up over at Fred’s of Mommy of a Monster and Twins!!

It was unfortunate but with all of the misbehaving elves, I had to set an example. Jack, our creepy-cute little Elf of the Shelf, keeps disappearing. ... Read More »

Dairying Around the Holidays

On a small farm like my in-laws dairy, hiring a hired-hand is a luxury that has never happened. When my father-in-law travels to cow shows and/or ... Read More »