What if…algae is the answer?

Anxiously, I awaited the opportunity to be in a room of international wisdom. The agenda had been reviewed and re-reviewed.  As we approached the 2014 ... Read More »

The stomach virus weight-loss nightmare

Hello? Is anyone still there? {echo} Yes, it's me. Its been a bit quiet around The Magic FarmHouse cyber-world. I've been busy with this less than ... Read More »

Smooth Moooves

As you may have read earlier, June is National Dairy Month.  A great way to celebrate is with an iced cold smoothie!  Not only are they tasty, the ... Read More »

Crohn’s/UC Update-Frustration continues

This is more of a journal entry than a entertaining post... As I indicated in my last Crohn's/Ulcerative colitis post I made an appointment and ... Read More »