WOW! Stop the lawn mowers! REALLY!

I generally would not "re-post" a previous post but in this case I feel it is warranted....awwww, I love spring! Who knew we were all sitting on ... Read More »

IBD Strikes Again

I had hoped to share more of this past weekend's Cub Scout Campout but it's the Crohn's disease that I need address today.  In an effort to help ... Read More »


To me, right now, THIS is a fabulous number.  It's a number I haven't seen in some time.  It's a number that means energy, spunk,  motivation and ... Read More »

Wow! Stop the lawn mower! REALLY!

Who knew we were all sitting on herbal goldmines!?!  I sat down to read my newest copy of 'Turkey Country' the NWTF's (National Wild Turkey ... Read More »