The Legacy of a Farm

I think this might be the post I've been trying to write for the last 14 months. In February 2013, my in-laws made the very, difficult decision to ... Read More »

Saving the farm

It sounds a bit more dramatic than what it truly means however, to prevent the past re-run we are in an all out effort to save the farm. Last spring ... Read More »

Conquering my fear of heights…one bolt at a time.

I spent a good portion of my childhood climbing, sitting, playing & making forts in trees.  My favorite tree, a Red Maple located in the corner of ... Read More »

The Great Grain Truck Incident of 2010

We are on a roll!  Literally!  Harvest is in full swing around Illinois.  Despite a minor break down this evening, my father-in-law anticipates being ... Read More »