Pudder’s First Hunting Trip

When compared to his brothers, Pudder's first hunting trip is way over due. Pickle went on his first trip at six months and Willis jumped into the ... Read More »

Deer Fever – Hunting info for newbies

No, it's not a new epidemic you'll need to get vaccinated to prevent. It's more of a pain in the butt, huge frustration and can lead to a heart full ... Read More »

Full-length Top Ten #Tweetheart bios – Oct. 3rd

UPDATE: My apologies to this week's Top Ten #Tweethearts! The schedule widget failed to publish this post for an undetermined reason. Thank you to ... Read More »

The Skeeters & the Bedbugs

I keep saying this but here it is again...last week was one of the busiest weeks we've had this year.  We finished the renovation to the downstairs ... Read More »